the punishment is severe天天躁日日躁狠狠躁日日躁黑人
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the punishment is severe天天躁日日躁狠狠躁日日躁黑人

A PrologueCoach Jacobs walked silently down the corridor at St. Adalbert’s Catholic high school. During class the halls were as silent as a ghost town, in contrast to the teeming hordes that would flood the space as soon as the bell would ring. The few students who were not in class would swiftly and quietly travel to their destination, usually an area which was designated for students to congregate. While passing an intersecting corridor, the coach noticed a student acting suspiciously. Coach Jacobs silently approached the student and just before reaching him, purposefully made some noise. The student whirled, startled. “C-c-coach “ he stuttered, Coach Jacobs replied “What are you up to?, and what’s that in your hand.”Chapter 1Amanda Burns hurried down the corridor already late for her next class. A day that had started with such promise was heading downhill fast. She reached her locker, opened it, and grabbed her English book and notebook, slammed the locker shut and headed to class. She saw her best friend Jenny coming her way. “Hey” Amanda said “you were so right Jen, I should have listened. “Well duh” her friend answered “ wait what was I right about?” “That jerk Chad. He’s even worse than you thought.” Amanda replied. “Wait up” Jenny said, as Amanda continued walking fast. Amanda turned and said “I’ll talk to you after school, I’m running late for English class and you know how pissed Mrs. Johnson gets.” With that, Amanda hurried off. She was on the track team, in fact she was a sprinter, but if she ran in the corridor there was always a hall monitor to stop you and write you up. Not only would that lead to detention, it would take even more time. The rules in St. Adalbert’s were strict and unforgiving. Order and discipline were to be maintained at all times, rules were to be followed, breaking rules would lead to certain punishment. Things had changed from the “Good Old Days” of corporal punishment, but Sister Catherine, the principal, demanded obedience . When she had started as a teacher, the rod had not been spared and the children were certainly not spoiled. Times had changed and St. Adalbert’s had reluctantly changed with them, somewhat.The bell had rung two minutes before Amanda reached the classroom, and the door was locked . “Shit” she thought “I hope the old cow isn’t in a bad mood” as she gently tapped on the door. Mrs. Johnson looked at the door, then continued writing on the blackboard. When she finished, she walked to the door and unlocked it. “Amanda, I’m surprised at you being late like this” she bellowed in a loud, grating voice. “I’m sorry Mrs. Johnson, it’s my fault” Amanda sweetly answered. “Well of course it’s your fault” Mrs. Johnson continued “really if it wasn’t you Amanda, I would have sent you to the principal’s office. I will have to write this up though. You understand it’s not fair to the rest of the class. Now take your seat.”Amanda started forward. She thought to herself, if you had just unlocked the door and said nothing then no one would have been bothered. She was headed for an empty seat halfway to the back when Mrs. Johnson’s voice called out “No Amanda, I think under the circumstances you should sit right in the front, so you don’t miss any more.” “Yes Mrs. Johnson” Amanda meekly replied, although her thoughts were decidedly different. She slid into the empty seat and opened her book. She tried to pay attention, but she found herself losing her place as Mrs. Johnson rambled on about Emily Dickinson and her poetry. Amanda found herself wondering if there still was a Mr. Johnson, because she couldn’t imagine anyone living with Mrs. Johnson. She was loud and quite frankly unattractive. She was a tall, stout woman with a beet red face and short, mousy grayish brown hair. She wore orange lipstick and eyeliner and was working on a third chin. Amanda immediately felt bad about her musings, she was normally a very sweet and good girl. It wasn’t charitable to judge someone on their looks and one couldn’t help their shortcomings.At that moment there was a knock at the door, which stopped Mrs. Johnson mid sentence. “Drat, what is it now” she muttered as she headed to the door. She opened the door and exchanged some words with the person in the hall. She came back into the room with a slip of paper in her fat fingers and stopped in front of Amanda’s desk. “I don’t know what you’ve been up to today Amanda. But you are to report to Coach Jacobs’ office immediately. Here is your hall pass.” She handed the pass while looking at her quizzically. Amanda took the paper, collected her stuff and headed out of the room.As Amanda walked she wondered what this was about. Could someone have found out about what had happened earlier? She couldn’t figure out how, but she thought about earlier in the day. During her free period she had met Chad. He was a senior, captain of the tennis team and really good looking. He had been pursuing her for weeks now and seemed so nice. Jenny had warned her. “I know he’s hot Amanda, but he’s a senior and in this school that doesn’t happen. The caste system in India is more flexible. There’s something wrong about this.” Amanda had known deep down that Jenny was right, but she had ignored thesigns and allowed herself to dream. She hadn’t had much experience with boys, and was still a virgin. She had made out, been as far as being fingered by a boy. Amanda had jerked a boy off, but except for one time she had never had a dick in her mouth. And that one time she had only had it in her mouth for a minute as she didn’t like the taste.But Chad was so cute Amanda thought, and as he told her, all the older girls were having sex and all he was asking for was a blowjob. She wanted to be his girlfriend so she agreed. They met during their free period. He knew of a classroom that was empty and unlocked, so he brought her there. Chad had just pulled down his pants and pushed Amanda to her knees. He grabbed his dick with one hand and her head with the other. “Suck it Amanda” he said with no feeling in his voice. She opened her mouth and gingerly took the head of his dick in. He roughly thrust to the back of her mouth, making her cough.” Come on Amanda, suck it , move your head up and down.” Amanda gamely did her best. She didn’t like the musky smell of Chad, but she tried to ignore it. She bobbed her head up and down while maintaining suction on Chad’s hardness. On more than one occasion he had pulled her hair or pushed her head down causing her to gag. Finally seeming to tire of the encounter, Chad had pulled his dick out ofAmanda’s mouth and held her head with one hand, while he stroked his cock with the other. In a minute Chad groanedand began to shoot his cum all over Amanda’s face. She tried to pull away but Chad held her in place as he shot his load on her face. When he was finished he wiped his dick in her hair and pulled his pants up. “Thanks for the blowjob Amanda” he said with a smirk. He then sauntered over to the door, and without a look back left the classroom. Amanda knelt there stunned. Chad had used her, and discarded her like a piece of garbage. After crying for a little while, Amanda managed to pull herself together. She felt empty as she cleaned the cum off herself. Amanda snapped out of her remembrance. She had reached the P.E. department. The gyms, locker rooms, and the coaches offices were located here. Coach Jacobs was not only the softball coach and a health teacher, but also the Dean of Discipline. Amanda headed to the office area and found Coach Jacobs’ office. The door was open , so Amanda peered in.Coach Jacobs waved Amanda in, while talking on the phone. Coach Jacobs studied Amanda. She was the perfect All American Girl. She stood at 5’3” and weighed 104 lbs. She had long, dirty blond hair that was kept in a ponytail and the bluest eyes in the world. Her lower body was muscled though not excessively, due to her running, and her legs and butt were firm and toned. Her breasts under her shirt were small but firm and they stood high on her chest. Amanda had a small snub nose and a delicate pointed chin. Her mouth though small was a petulant rose. The lips were full and red. She was wearingher regulation uniform, a crisp white shirt, a plaid skirt just above the knee, knee high socks and black mary janes.“I’ll talk to you later, Something has just come up, or rather just come into my office” Coach Jacobs said into the phone, then seemed to be listening to the reply. Coach Jacobs laughed, a short unpleasant laugh Amanda thought, then said into the phone “Well if things work out more than one and that’s the plan. Goodbye.” The coach hung up the phone and sat back , then just stared at Amanda without saying a word. This went on for a few minutes and Amanda started to feel uneasy. She nervously shifted her feet while standing there. This silence continued for another minute and Amanda didn’t no how long she could take it, when Coach Jacobs’ cleared her throat. “Amanda, I’ve been going over your file” Coach Jacobs said, while indicating a folder on her desk. “Except for that little prank that a few of you freshmen committed last year with the sneezing powder and a small number of times being late you have been a model student. You get good grades, you’re a member of the track team, all in all no issues. Until now. Can you tell me why you’re here?”“Well Coach Jacobs, I figured you would tell me” Amanda replied quietly, trying to act natural. The chair the coach was in made a screeching sound as it was pushed backwards. Coach Jacobs rose to her feet and walked around the desk, stopping a couple of feet from Amanda. “Surely you can do better than that Amanda . You’re a smart girl.” Amanda swallowed hard, then said “Well I can’t be sure what it’s about. I know I’ve been written up for a few infractions this month , but-” “Stop your nonsense girl ”Coach Jacobs ordered “if you really don’t know you’re about to find out.”Coach Jacobs walked to the door and closed it. The door had a large glass window in it, but it was covered under a blind. Coach Jacobs then opened up a large armoire that contained a large tv and some fancy video equipment that helped with studying game film. She then pulled a chair in front of the screen. “Sit down Amanda” she said firmly. With her heart in her throat Amanda sat down, while the coach stood behind the chair. Coach Jacobs must have used a remote control as thetv turned on, though the screen was blank. Then the coach hit another button and the screen came to life. The picture was well lit and of decent quality. There on the big screen, no more than three feet in front of her , Amanda watched the flickering image of herself on her knees sucking Chad. “No” she cried out, trying to rise from her seat.Coach Jacobs placed her large hand on Amanda’s shoulder and held her in place. “Don’t move, sit and watch” she was ordered. Amanda choked back a sob as she watched the humiliating spectacle replay itself. Obviously Chad had set her up. Not only had he used her, he had someone secretly film it. Tears rolled down her cheeks. On more than one occasion Chad had looked at the direction of the camera and made faces imitating a blowjob, and once while pushing Amanda’s head down hard on his dick had given a thumb’s up. The whole time the video played Coach Jacobs had kept her hand on Amanda, gently squeezing her neck/ shoulder area. Right when Chad pulled out of her mouth the screen went blank. “I think we’ve seen enough, don’t you Amanda?’ the coach said in her deep voice. Amanda couldn’t answer she was so distraught. “I came upon a male student loitering outside a classroom today” Coach Jacobs began “ and it seemed he was filming something with his cellphone. I confiscated his phone and discovered this smut. You, a supposedly decent girl, on your knees sucking a boy’s filthy penis, in a classroom no less. I think now it’s time to call your parents.”Amanda felt her world collapsing around her. She would be expelled in disgrace and the whole school would find out. Even worse is what it would do to her parents. Her mother was a good respectable Catholic, and a member of the altar society. It would be even worse for her father. Not only had she always been the apple of his eye, last year he had a heart attack. He had recovered somewhat, but his heart was damaged and something like this could do further damage. Amanda found herself on the verge of hysterics. Great sobs racked her chest and she felt lightheaded. Realizing Amanda was about to lose control, Coach Jacobs dug her left hand hard into Amanda’s shoulder, swiveled the chair around and lightly slapped her in the face. “Stay calm Amanda” the coach hissed. Amanda regained a modicum of control, then began to plead her case.“Please Coach Jacobs, don’t tell my parents. My father has a weak heart, this could be bad for him. I don’t care about myself, but it wouldn’t be good for him. Please I beg you.”___________________________________________________________________ In her mind, Coach Jacobs was pleased. After this situation had presented itself, she had acted decisively. The student who had filmed it, Mike, as well as Chad, had already been to her office. She had informed them that for now they could remain in school, but any future exploitation of female students, especially younger ones, would be met with the most severe repercussions. “I don’t know if you BOYS realize it, but you committed a federal felony by filming Amanda. She’s only 16. It might be legal to have sex with her, but to film that would be considered child pornography.” Both boys turned white as a sheet hearing that. “In fact , since I have the evidence, what with your fingerprints on your phone with the film in it” she said looking at Mike, “and you obviously knowing you were being filmed with a 16 year old” while addressing Chad “I think you better be on your best behavior, both of you. I wouldn’t tell anyone about this, even a priest in confession, or an envelope might make it to law enforcement. Mike, you may leave.” Mike was out of the room in a shot. Coach Jacobs stood right in front of Chad and stared him down. Even though Chad was normally cocky, he felt intimidated. Though he was 6’2” and an athlete, Coach Jacobs scared him. Everyone called her a dyke, though never to her face. She was almost as tall as he was, but wider. Though she had a decent amount of fat, she had a lot of muscle. Coach Jacobs was wearing a short sleeved athletic department shirt and her arms were muscular. Chad had heard stories that the coach could squat over three hundred pounds. Her hair was black, short and spiky in front and longer in the back- a perfect mullet. He couldn’t meet her stare and looked down. “What’s the matter Chad, intimidated by a female” the coach said. She then quickly reached out and grabbed his balls with one hand through his pants and squeezed so hard he whimpered. “Remember Chad to leave the girls in this school alone or it will be your new cellmate holding these. Now get out.” Coach Jacobs released him and he practically ran out.______________________________________________________________“Well Amanda “ Coach Jacobs said “your concern for your family is admirable, but you should have thought of that before performing perversions with a boy. However I do sympathize with your situation and perhaps there is a solution.” “Oh thank you Coach Jacobs” Amanda began when she was cut off. “Don’t thank me yet, nothing is decided yet. In the past this school has used some special discipline for difficult cases. However that always included parental approval, which under the circumstances is impossible. Therefore you will have to sign the approval slip for now, with an unbiased witness observing. In the future you will need to get a parent’s signature. How you accomplish that is up to you. And understand this, the punishment is severe, but you must submit to it, no questions asked, no refusals allowed. Do you agree?”Though she couldn’t imagine what the punishment could be, Amanda felt it had to be better than breaking her parents’ hearts at the least , as well as ruining her reputation. “I agree Coach Jacobs” she said softly. “Fine Amanda. I’ll be right back” the coach said. She then opened the door and walked out. While waiting, Amanda wondered if she was doing the right thing. Coach Jacobs was making her even more nervous. All the girls said she was a lezzy dyke and Amanda could believe it. She had never had her as her gym teacher, but in freshmen year she had taught health class. Many times girls had felt that she ogled them and Amanda had noticed the coach staring at her more than once. Still for the health of her father if for no other reason Amanda had to do this. She couldn’t live with herself if she damaged his heart due to her immoral behavior.At that moment Coach Jacobs reentered the room with a student. Coach Jacobs then closed the door, and unknown to Amanda, locked it as well.“Amanda, this is Ellen DeWitt, a fellow student. She has kindly given up some of her time to help with this.” Amanda recognized Ellen in a general way. She knew she was a player on the softball team, she thought Ellen was the catcher. In fact Ellen was an All- American ranked catcher, in the top 20 of the country for high school athletes. It was the perfect position for her . She was 5’6”, but seemed shorter due to her squat build. She had short brown hair, that was kept out of her eyes by a headband, and brown eyes. She had a few freckles by her nose and a mouth with thin lips. She must have come from gym class because she was wearing the regulation uniform - a pair of green shorts with a yellow t-shirt with the school insignia.Amanda met her gaze and said “Thanks for helping with this, my name is Amanda and I appreciate you sacrificing your time.” Ellen looked uncomfortable and just nodded. “Well Amanda “ Coach Jacobs said “I suppose you acting properly is better late than never.” The coach then opened a desk drawer and took out some pieces of paper. “Ellen, would you sign this form stating that you are a willing witness to Amanda signing her form voluntarily “ Coach Jacobs said while handing Ellen the paper. Ellen took the paper and signed it. “Now Amanda will you sign this agreement that states you are,男人j进入女人j内部免费网站 of your own free will agreeing to submit to whatever punishment that the Dean of Discipline will set out for you, to punish you for extreme misconduct and to prevent further relapses of your sins.” Amanda signed the paper and handed it to the coach. Coach Jacobs took the forms and placed them in the desk drawer and locked it.“Now Amanda it’s time for your punishment to begin. Stand up.” she ordered, her voice stern. Amanda rose to her feet. She had heard the iron in the coach’s voice and began to regret what she had done. The coach had picked up a metal edged ruler from the desk and smacked her hand with it lightly. “In previous years, St. Adalbert’s had maintained a strong corporal punishment component. Due to mollycoddling we have not done so for years, except in special cases. Your case is one. I would use the old formula to determine punishment, except we never considered a proper girl would do such a foul deed. Therefore I must determine it as I see best. I would have given you 30 strokes for your deviancy, but since you are an athlete, no doubt your lower body is developed enough to handle 40.”“You can’t mean you’re going to hit me with that ruler Coach Jacobs. I couldn’t take that” Amanda said with horror. “You agreed to the conditions Amanda, now already you are trying to escape the punishment. For that I will add 5 more strokes. Now remove your garments or I will remove them for you, with Ellen’s help.” Realizing that Coach Jacobs meant what she said and that there would be no leniency, Amanda preferred to keep what little dignity she could. Her hand trembling she reached back and unzipped her plaid skirt. She slid it down and stepped out of it. Coach Jacobs took it from her and placed it on the chair. “Now remove your blouse Amanda” Coach Jacobs said, seeming to enjoy the situation.Amanda reached up to her top button, unbuttoned it and worked her way down. When she finished , she removed her blouse and put it down. “Finally take off your panties and brassiere. Though they are thin, they’re still a barrier to punishment.”Amanda knew that arguing wouldn’t help, but only make things worse. Reluctantly Amanda slidher white cotton panties down her legs and removed them. The coach took them from her and placed them on the desk. Though almost naked, Amanda tried to maintain a shred of dignity. She kept her back ramrod straight and held her chin up high with her eyes staring straight ahead. Coach Jacobs noticed Amanda’s posture and made a mental note to humiliate her beyond what she had planned. She would break her, as a filly would be broken. The thought of this caused a cruel smile to the coach. Amanda then reached back and unclasped her brassiere and put it on the desk. Ellen gasped when she saw Amanda’s small, white breasts and their contrasting pink nipples.“Now Amanda, stand here behind the desk facing the door.” Amanda moved to where the coach indicated. She stood at the right hand edge of the desk, in front of the drawers. “Now I need you to bend over the desk so that your punishment can begin.” Amanda reluctantly complied, bending at the waist at a ninety degree angle. “Extend your arms out past the edge of the desk. Good. Now Ellen would you be so kind as to take Amanda’s wrists in your hands. Hold them tightly and don’t let her move, even involuntarily. That could ruin my aim andI could hit the wrong spot.” Ellen had taken her wrists firmly and pulled Amanda’s arms taut. Coach Jacobs stood still for a minute savoring the view. Amanda bent at the waist, her arms pulled before her, her thin toned legs with a beautiful treat between them. Her pussy was very pink and neat with just a few wisps of hair showing in this position. Her skin was milky white and seemed flawless. Even bent over, Amanda had kept her chin up defiantly. Well let’s see how long that lasts the coach thought to herself. “One more thing Amanda. It would be rude and upsetting to others to hear you cry out in pain. Let me know if you think you need to be gagged.” Trying to sound more confident than she felt Amanda replied “I should be okay.” “You should be okay WHO” the coach barked out. “I should be okay Coach Jacobs” Amanda said clearly. The coach smiled as she lined up for her first blow. She had decided to start with Amanda’s legs, feeling she would cope with that best. Coach Jacobs raised her arm and brought the ruler down firmly on Amanda’s right hamstring. Amanda felt a stinging pain, but she managed to stifle a cry. “Oh yes Ellen, would you do me a favor and keep a count aloud so we don’t lose track” the coach said. “Yes Coach Jacobs. That’s one.” Ellen said, her voice sounding hoarse. Amanda looked up at Ellen’s face and saw anticipation and desire, as well as a hint of cruelty. “Two” Ellen said as the ruler smacked Amanda’s left hamstring. Coach Jacobs alternated blows to each leg, giving each ten. She then brought the ruler down ten times on Amanda’s lower back. She was quietly sobbing now, though she had not cried out. She had been unable to keep her head up however and it hung down from her delicate pale neck. Noticing this Coach Jacobs grasped Amanda’s pony tail, and yanked hard bringing Amanda’s head back up. “Keep your head up “ she said “maintain eye contact with Ellen.”Amanda looked at Ellen, who now had a smirk on her plain face. So far Amanda had handled the discipline well, but she also knew that Coach Jacobs had been using just a light motion, putting hardly any of her strength into it. In spite of that her legs and back ached from the beating and her calves felt stretched tight from the position she was held in. “You’ve done well so far Amanda. Now let’s continue” the coach said, desire for the young woman creeping into her voice. The coach moved closer to Amanda and placed a hand on her lower back, pushing her torso flush onto the desk. The desk was metal and cold and Amanda felt a chill on her skin. Her small, pink nipples came to life as they were forced against the cold metal. The ruler smacked Amanda’s supple right butt cheek, much harder than any of the previous blows forcing a grunt from her. “I’ve been too gentle” Coach Jacobs said “you can take it. We haven’t come close to your limits yet. But this is just the beginning.” “Ellen, what is the count at please?” the coach asked. “That was 31. Sorry Coach Jacobs” Ellen replied having forgotten to speak aloud. She had so been enjoying the spectacle of this stuck up, pretty underclassmen getting hers that for a minute she slacked off. “That’s quite all right Ellen, after all you are volunteering your time. I must think of a proper way to thank you” the coach said. She met the catcher’s eyes and gave a wink. With that Coach Jacobs smacked Amanda’s left cheek as Ellen called out 32. “Look at that Amanda, with your fair skin your posterior is really showing crimson” the coach said. She then put the ruler down and with both hands grabbed then kneaded the flush cheeks. Tears of shame rolled down Amanda’s face as she suffered this new humiliation. Coach Jacobs continued to squeeze the girl’s firm buttocks for another minute, feeling the softness of her skin.“Well, let us get back to the job at hand. I believe the count is at 32 Ellen” the coach said, releasing Amanda’s ass and picking up the ruler. “Yes Coach Jacobs, that’s correct” Ellen answered. While the coach had fondled Amanda’s ass, Ellen had moved the position of Amanda’s hands. They were now at a lower height and Ellen then placed them between her meaty thighs right below her groin. She then brought her legs closer trapping Amanda’s hands. Ellen kept her left hand on Amanda’s wrists, and with her right hand reached out and yanked Amanda’s ponytail up hard causing Amanda’s head up higher. “Keep your eyes on mine bitch” she hissed as she began to grind her mound on Amanda’s trapped hands. It was pretty obvious what Ellen was doing, though the coach didn’t acknowledge it. Thwack the ruler sounded as it again connected with Amanda’s pert ass. Coach Jacobs continued to administer punishment. Each blow was becoming harder, though the coach did pause after each to admire her handiwork. She attempted to not hit the same exact spot more than once although due to the size of Amanda’s ass that wasn’t entirely possible. When Ellen’s count reached 40, Coach Jacobs paused longer than before. Ellen however continued her grinding, actually increasing the speed, her breath becoming rapid and uneven.The coach then pushed Amanda down hard on the desk again and began to deliver the final blows. Ellen had difficulty speaking as her orgasm neared. She managed to gasp out the count, but after number 44, Ellen let out a moan as she came. Amanda had been looking in her eyes the whole time and she saw Ellen’s face get red as a beet. She then scrunched up her face and closed her eyes, feeling the wave of pleasure wash over her. Amanda could feel the moisture on her hands through the shorts of Ellen, who was sopping by this time.“Ellen, if you don’t mind, can you restrain Amanda a bit longer. I would like to rub some balm on her to help the skin heal. She has such lovely skin” Coach Jacobs said. Ellen just nodded her head, as she was still catching her breath from her orgasm. The coach had gone to a supply cabinet and removed a container and took off the lid. Amanda noticed that Ellen was staring at her with a strange, almost longing look. When she saw Amanda studying her, Ellen began to lick her lips sensuously, causing Amanda to cast her eyes down. To this, Amanda heard a quiet chuckle from Ellen.Coach Jacobs began to rub the balm deep into the reddened skin of Amanda’s sore hamstrings. She worked each leg slowly and firmly, applying a generous amount to her damaged flesh. The coach had a skilled touch and in spite of herself Amanda was soon making little noises of pleasure. When the coach finished her legs she began to apply balm to Amanda’s back. There were a few red crisscross welts on Amanda’s pale flesh where the tough love of Coach Jacobs had landed. She now delivered a healing hand over the marks. “Ok, now I’ve saved the best for last” the coach said to herself as she began to massage Amanda’s tight, toned butt. Coach Jacobs had big hands for a woman and she used that to the best advantage she could. She rubbed each cheek with one hand, squeezing and caressing the youthful chubbies.Coach Jacobs then brought her hands to Amanda’s crack and started running her thumbs deep into the cleft. As she did she started grazing Amanda’s asshole which almost caused her to jump. Coach Jacobs continued to tease Amanda’s asshole with one thumb while the other thumb slid lower towards her pussy. When the coach touched her virgin pussy Amanda bucked and squirmed.“No please not there. Don’t touch me there please Coach Jacobs, I beg you.” Amanda pleaded. The coach kept tracing Amanda’s slit with her thumb actually increasing her speed.“You don’t want me to play with your pretty pussy Amanda. You should have thought about that before acting like a slut with that boy. Now I’m going to do what I want with your sweet young body” the coach said. Coach Jacobs then crouched behind Amanda getting a perfect view of her sex framed by her white legs. The coach used her hands to spread Amanda’s cheeks and thighs. Amanda had a neat narrow pussy. The lips were very pink, with the inner lips recessed inside the outer and all was contained in her mound.Amanda could feel the coach blowing on her pussy lightly, her face inches from her sex. Breathing in the fragrant odor of Amanda’s pussy excited Coach Jacobs’ lust more than she thought possible. With a strangled moan Coach Jacobs buried her mouth into Amanda’s pussy. She began kissing Amanda’s pussy lips hard while thrusting her tongue inside her. When Amanda felt the coach begin to kiss her lower lips she began a keening wail. Coach Jacobs reacted swiftly. Her mouth broke contact with Amanda’s pussy as she swiftly stood up. Then her muscular arm reached out and her hand clamped over Amanda’s mouth stifling her wail. Her other hand gripped Amanda’s neck and squeezed just hard enough to give Amanda the message. “I don’t want to choke you Amanda, but stop that. No noise or other resistance is allowed. Either you behave or you have two choices. One- more severe punishment. Two- we call your parents NOW and show them everything. Shake your head yes or no.”Amanda nodded her head yes, and felt the reward of Coach Jacobs releasing her neck, although the coach kept her hand firmly on her soft lips. “Ellen, would you release her arms please” the coach asked. When the catcher let her go, Coach Jacobs pulled Amanda erect so that she was standing with her back pressed into the front of the coach. Coach Jacobs kept her right hand over Amanda’s mouth but her left hand roamed over Amanda’s torso until she reached a pink nipple. The coach trapped it between thumb and forefinger and squeezed it rough and hard. After a minute of this the coach moved to Amanda’s other nipple, which she twisted even harder causing an involuntary shudder to Amanda. The nerve endings in Amanda’s nipples seemed to have a direct link to her little puss, as Coach Jacobs’ treatment was making Amanda wet.Amanda began to cry as her body started to betray her. The more the coach played with her, the wetter and more turned on she became. Then to Amanda’s horror, the coach began to move her hand lower. First she grazed along Amanda’s ribs with just her fingertips, then down over her tight midsection, pausing at Amanda’s navel when she contacted Amanda’s piercing. It was just a little metal loop ring. When Amanda had turned sixteen, she convinced her skeptical mother to allow the piercing as a reward for her good gradesCoach Jacobs’ pulled lightly on the ring before her hand continued further.Coach Jacobs’ hand brushed along Amanda’s pubic bone on its way to its final destination. When the coach encountered her silky hair, she paused a moment and then let her fingers pull and twist the golden ringlets. Then the coach reached further, her fingertips grazing the top ofAmanda’s pussy. As her fingers traveled down the student’s slit the coach felt the girl’s wetness and smiled. Coach Jacobs started to rub the girl’s mound, with her palm against the silky pubic hair and her long fingers gently caressing Amanda’s lips. After a moment the coach inserted the tip of her middle finger into Amanda’s opening while continuing her hand motions. This caused Amanda to start bucking her hips in response.“Look at you, you love me playing with your little pussy, don’t you? You are so wet” the coach whispered in Amanda’s ear. The coach then began to kiss and bite Amanda’s tender throat, causing the student to squirm wildly from desire. While this was happening Amanda had kept her eyes tightly shut, as if not seeing what was happening would change things. Her eyes shot open as she felt her A-cup breast engulfed in a warm, wet mouth and teeth gently clamp on her sensitive pink nipple. Amanda was horrified to see the top of Ellen’s head beneath her chin, Ellen’s mouth feasting on her breast. Ellen then reached and began to pinch Amanda’s free nipple. Meanwhile the coach continued stroking Amanda’s pink little pussy, sliding her long finger deep until encountering Amanda’s virginal shield. Coach Jacobs pulled her finger back a little, and began to use shorter strokes with her finger to prevent any accidental breakage of Amanda’s hymen. The coach then maneuvered her hand so she could continue finger fucking Amanda while her thumb began to rub against the girl’s swollen clit at the same time. At this time Ellen switched her mouth from Amanda’s left breast to her right,then using her hand to pinch Amanda’s left nipple. Amanda’s senses were overloaded from all the sexual pleasure her nerve endings were sending between her pussy and her nipples to her brain, as well as the coach continuing to give her neck love bites. Amanda felt an orgasm coming on and wanted to prevent it, but she was helpless to stop it. Her body began to tremble and shake, starting in her legs and moving upwards until her face was flushed and red. Coach Jacobs’ hand prevented Amanda’s cries of passion from being too loud, but still the pretty student couldn’t control herself. If Coach Jacobs hadn’t been holding her up Amanda would have slid to the floor from the intensity of her orgasm.“Hmm Ellen, help me put Amanda on my desk. She seems to be weak in the knees from pleasure” Coach Jacobs said. Together they easily lifted Amanda’s limp body and placed her lying on her back. The coach positioned the sophomore so that her toned tush was at the edge of the desk with her legs hanging down. Coach Jacobs then positioned her chair facing Amanda and sat down.“Ellen would you mind helping me” the coach said “when I lift her legs up, can you hold them in the air. This way I can give her wet, little pussy the attention it deserves.” Ellen eagerly seized Amanda’s legs and brought them back near the girl’s small but shapely breasts. This had the added effect of lifting Amanda’s pelvis slightly. Both Ellen and the coach enjoyed the view of Amanda in this position with her legs spread and her wet, pink pussy exposed and defenseless. Her pinkness was framed by her blond pubic hair, which was a lighter shade than the hair on her head.Coach Jacobs savored the situation a little longer but her lust won out. She put her face right up to Amanda’sjuice covered lips and began to trace their outline with her strong tongue. Amanda reacted as if an electric charge was entering her body. She writhed on the desk while moaning lowly. The coach then reached onto the desk and picked up Amanda’s discarded panties. She stood up and reached out and touched the girl’s cheek. “Open your mouth Amanda” she said firmly. When the girl complied, Coach Jacobs stuffed the girl’s own panties in her mouth to muffle her sounds. When Ellen saw this she removed her headband and put it around Amanda’s face over her mouth to secure the panties in place.“Good thinking Ellen, that was quite clever of you “ Coach Jacobs said. Ellen basked in the compliment she had received. Ellen positioned Amanda’s feet close to each other so that she could hold them in one strong hand. She then used her free hand to begin tugging her gym shorts and boxers down. When they reached Ellen’ knees, she began to wiggle her legs until they fell to the floor.Meanwhile Coach Jacobs had sat back down and resumed her feast of Amanda’s virgin pussy. After running her tongue over her lips for a few minutes, Coach Jacobs moved her tongue to near the top ofAmanda’s pussy. Coach Jacobs then began to trace a circle pattern around Amanda’s engorged clit. The coach continued her circling, teasing Amanda but not actually touching her nub. Every so often Coach Jacobs would stop circling and instead deliver a few licks to Amanda’s tasty lips before resuming her teasing of the girl’s clit. During this Ellen continued holding Amanda with one hand while her other hand was buried between her legs, stroking herself.After tormenting Amanda’s clit a little longer Coach Jacobs then put her lips over Amanda’s clit and began to suck it. Immediately Amanda began to moan behind her panty gag. Coach Jacobsthen began to flick the clit with the tip of her tongue while continuing to suck on it. This caused Amanda to have another massive orgasm. Seeing Amanda cum was enough to push Ellen to her own orgasm, as her fingers stroked her pussy.Ellen bit her lip to prevent her own cry.Coach Jacobs stood and began to reposition Amanda’s body. While keeping her pelvis at the edge of the desk, the coach slid Amanda’s body so that her neck was at a corner of the desk with no support under her head. This caused her head to hang down, at which time Amanda opened her eyes in alarm. Coach Jacobs cradled Amanda’s head in one hand and first removed the headband and panty gag. She then leaned down and kissed the girl passionately. Amanda found herself responding to the older woman’s kiss and parted her lips allowing Coach Jacobs’ tongue access.“Well Amanda, do you like the taste of your pussy on my mouth?” the coach asked breaking the kiss, “because you seem to. Now answer me.” Ashamed of her response Amanda could only nod yes.“No Amanda, you have to say it aloud so that we all can hear it” the coach said, enjoying the humiliation she was inflicting on the pretty blond student.In a quiet but clear voice Amanda said “I enjoyed the taste of my pussy on your lips Coach Jacobs.” The coach smiled on hearing this.“Amanda tell us, did you like when I ate you out, making you cum. Tell me how much you liked it” the coach said.“I liked it a lot Coach Jacobs, it felt really good. I never felt anything like that before” Amanda replied choking back a sob as she was forced to admit this.“I think you would like it if Ellen would lick your pussy now. I believe Ellen would enjoy that as well” the coach said smiling. Ellen eagerly assented and moved into position between Amanda’s toned legs. She remained standing but bent at the waist to bring her mouth to Amanda’s sex. Ellen buried her tongue in the opening of Amanda while using her knuckle to stimulate the girl’s clit.“Now Ellen, you are only to bring Amanda close to orgasm not to give her one. Do you understand?” Coach Jacobs asked. Ellen’s response was muffled due to her tongue remaining inside Amanda. Coach Jacobs then picked up Ellen’s headband. She then lifted Amanda to a sitting position and placed the girl’s hands behind her body. Coach Jacobs looped the headband over Amanda’s wrists until there was no more slack left. She then lowered Amanda down onto her back again. Through all this Ellen had continued eating Amanda, just shifting enough to keep her mouth on Amanda’s treasure. Now with Amanda secured and in place, Coach Jacobs opened a desk drawer and removed a tube of lubricant. She then began to unbutton the fly to her tracksuit pants. The coach moved around the desk until she was behind Ellen.“Ellen how does the idea of straddling yourself on Amanda’s face sound. She could then thank you properly for you eating her out” the coach suggested. Ellen very much liked the idea and wasted no time in positioning her wet cunt over Amanda’s mouth. Ellen gripped Amanda’s pony tail and pulled the cute teen’s face to her. Amanda wasn’t happy about this. She had enjoyed having both Coach Jacobs and Ellen lick her pussy, but she so wasn’t a lesbian . She had to admit to herself however that she had never been so turned on in her short life and the orgasms she had experienced had been incredible.“Now listen here sophomore” Ellen began “ I just want you to lick my clit. I don’t want you to put your tongue inside me. If you do I’ll squeeze your head with my thighs, understand?” Amanda whispered “Yes”Ellen was straddling Amanda, while facing the girl’s head. All Amanda could see from her position was Ellen towering over her. Amanda tentatively stuck out her tongue and gently grazed Ellen’s flesh.“Hmm, not so soft, it won’t shatter girl” Ellen ordered “do it harder and faster.” Amanda complied with Ellen’s order and began licking as fast as she could This was obviously more to Ellen’s liking and the stocky catcher began grunting her approval. While this was going on Coach Jacobs positioned her body between Amanda’s creamy white thighs. From her fly she removed her “cock”. It was a purple colored silicon dildo connected to a harness. It was 6” long with a 1 ½” diameter. It was Coach Jacobs’ everyday dildo, as she had been packing since she was 15. The coach applied a generous amount of lube to it and worked it around. Knowing Amanda couldn’t see what she planned gave the coach an adrenaline rush though she remained in control. She began to rub Amanda’s clit with a thumb while inserting the tip of her finger between her lips. After a minute she worked another finger at the opening. With the lube from her fingers as well as Amanda’s considerable juices , Coach Jacobs knew all she had to do was wait for the right moment.She continued to rub Amanda’s clit, leading her towards cumming again. Amanda could feel the now familiar feeling starting to build once again and redoubled her efforts to please Ellen. The pressure on her clit continued, taking her to the edge of the precipice. When Ellen yanked her ponytail harder, while also grinding her pussy to her mouth caused Amanda to cum hard. The teen again began thrashing about as the violence of her orgasm also brought Ellen past the point of no return.Coach Jacobs had been waiting for this moment. In one swift motion Coach Jacobs drove her purple dildo between Amanda’s pussy lips, through the barrier of her hymen and to the depths of Amanda’s no longer virginal pink pussy. Amanda’s cry of surprise and pain was smothered by the meaty pussy and thighs of Ellen. At that moment Coach Jacobs felt on top of the world. She had “made a woman” of Amanda and nothing could change that she was her first. The coach waited a few minutes allowing the girl to adjust to the feeling of being filled. “Ellen please stay as you are for a while, it will help to keep Amanda’s noise to a minimum” the coach said.The catcher was enjoying herself and didn’t need to be asked twice. Amanda realized right away that the coach must have used an object to take her virginity. As she felt the blood trickling from her violated pussy, tears rolled from her eyes down her face. The pain had been sharp a minute ago but was already fading to a dull ache. The greater pain was in her heart and mind. The feeling of no control over these actions, that she had no say in this bothered her more. When she had agreed to Coach Jacobs’ terms, she had no idea where it would lead.Amanda then felt the coach begin to play with her clit again, arousing Amanda against her will. When Coach Jacobs realized that Amanda’s pussy was again flowing she began to slowly move her hips back and forth. After a few minutes of this Coach Jacobs began to thrust upwards doing her best to connect with the girl’s g-spot. When Amanda’s reaction told the coach she had found the mark the coach began to stimulate the spot. Coach Jacobs began connecting with every thrust, driving her silicon shaft into Amanda’s wet folds.“Ellen would you please move, I wish to see Amanda’s face” Coach Jacobs said in a tone that meant it wasn’t a request. The stocky athlete reluctantly disentangled herself from Amanda. Coach Jacobs placed Amanda’s legs on her shoulders and grabbed Amanda’s neck, forcing the girl to look her in the face. The coach continued sliding in and out of the girl’s pinkness, making the girl take all six inches in her tight box.Coach Jacobs’ other hand gripped Amanda’s hip, squeezing it hard. The coach saw from Amanda’s breathing she was approaching yet another orgasm so she began making shorter, harder thrusts. As Amanda began to cum, Coach Jacobs withdrew her purple dildo which was slick from Amanda’s juice and Amanda’s pussy started to squirt liquid out in a gush. Coach Jacobs leaned down and forced her mouth onto the girl’s mouth for a long deep kiss.Coach Jacobs broke the kiss and pushed the shaft back into Amanda’s trembling pussy and began pounding the girl hard. Amanda was just recovering from cumming when the hard fucking forced a series of orgasms to her battered young pussy. Coach Jacobs pulled out and moved by Amanda’s face. She stuck the purple dildo by Amanda’s mouth.“Suck my “cock” clean girl. Lick off all your juice” the coach ordered Amanda, pulling her head up. Amanda reluctantly complied taking the dildo in her mouth and sucking off her juices. She then licked up and down and all around the shaft to clean it. When Coach Jacobs was satisfied with the job, she put her “cock” back in her pants. She helped Amanda sit up and removed the headband, freeing the girls wrists.“My look at the time” the coach said “the school day is over. You girls better get dressed and get going.” Ellen dressed quickly, though it took Amanda more time. When she tried to pick up her panties Coach Jacobs stopped her and took them herself. The coach brought them to her face and inhaled the scent of Amanda on them, before putting them in her pocket.“Amanda, a little slut like you doesn’t need to wear panties. In fact I forbid it. Just remember today was your first lesson. You have many more to come” Coach Jacobs said with a wicked grin.End of Chapter 1

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